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The First fleet[1] was the initial naval force of the Laconian Empire. It was composed entirely of Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN) warships that broke off from the Martian Congressional Republic (MCR) at the beginning of the Free Navy Conflict and traveled to the Laconia system as part of the new Nation being formed by former MCRN Admiral Winston Duarte.


When the Free Navy Conflict broke out, forces loyal to Admiral Winston Duarte, totalling twenty-five ships, moved off from Mars towards the Sol Ring at 8-10 G[2]. In the Slow Zone, they met up with former OPA belters who seized control of Medina Station for the Free Navy. When part of the fleet including the Barkeith moved through the Slow Zone and entered the Laconia Ring a Ring gate anomaly caused the Barkeith to disappear.

As the Barkeith was the largest of the Martian defector ships, it may be assumed that it has to be the Flagship of the First fleet.

The First fleet participated in the Battle for the Sol gate, destroying the surviving two UNN (United Nations Navy) Truman-class dreadnoughts from the flank. The fleet, consisting of at least eleven ships, then moved into Ring space and travelled towards the Laconia gate. The final ship to enter was the Barkeith, which was suddenly hit by the Ring network anomaly, causing the ship and all onboard to vanish.

Fleet Size and composition[]

The fleet consisted of eleven Martian Congressional Republic Navy ships, many which of were reported lost in action to the Martian Congressional Republic. These ships included one D-class supply ship commanded by Admiral Sauveterre, four Scirocco-class assault cruisers, one MCRN unidentified heavy frigate class, two Morrigan-class patrol destroyers, as well as three other ships of currently unknown class.


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