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The Laconia system is a gravitationally bound system containing nine major planetary bodies in orbit around its governing star. It was first reached in 12 XTE. One of its worlds, the namesake of the system, is a fully habitable world.


A rogue MCRN faction is based in the Laconia system, being led by Admiral Winston Duarte. Since then, said MCRN elements have established a functioning pseudo-government.

System composition[]

Gravitational governor[]

  • Laconia's star

Orbiting bodies[]

  • Planet #1 (uninhabitable)
  • Laconia
  • Planet #3 (uninhabitable)
  • Planet #4 (uninhabitable)
  • Planet #5 (uninhabitable)
  • Gas giant
    • 80-100 moons [2]
  • Large planet #1 (uninhabitable)
  • Large planet #2 (uninhabitable)
  • Captured rocky planet
  • Ring icon.pngLaconia Ring

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