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The Laconian Imperial Navy is the space naval branch of the military of the Laconian Empire. Formed from a defected third of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN) Fleet forces under Admiral Duarte passed through the gates to the Laconia system where a new fleet and government was formed.


Formed during the Free Navy Conflict, the Laconian First fleet consisted of former MCRN ships. For thirty years Laconia remained in seclusion until it had replaced its former vessels with new ships built with technologies discovered through the Protomolecule. Laconia's new ships are vastly superior to the those of the Sol powers (including the United Nations Navy, MCRN, & Outer Planets Alliance), boasting self-healing armor and greatly increased missile capacity.

Within several months of establishing the Laconian government the first ship had been lauched at the Laconia shipyards. This ship the Proteus was deployed to the Slow Zone to install Railguns onto the Ring Station surface to support the Free Navy forces at Medina Station. Despite the Proteus having been seen by Free Navy personnel knowledge of Laconia having shipyards with which to build new vessels was not known to any of the Sol powers even thirty years later.

Upon the Laconia-Sol Conflict commencing, a single battleship was able to defeat and conquer the Transport Union, Martian Congressional Republic, and United Nations (UN). Following the official ratification of the surrender and unification treaty, the Human empire was born, and along with it, the Unified Imperial Navy.

By this time, the original ships that left Mars for Laconia had been decommissioned for the new ships utilizing the new technologies. The entire Laconian Imperial Navy by this time consisted of over 100 ships with the Magnetar-class being the largest and most powerful by far[1].


Thirty years after the settlement of Laconia, the main divide in the service was between the older, ex-Martian officers who had followed Duarte to the planet, and younger "greenblood" officers fully committed to Duarte's "great man" approach to imperial guidance. Such officers included Captain Santiago Singh, who saw all humans as citizens of the Laconian Empire and thus interpreted any opposition to Laconia as treasonous.

Imperial officers wore blue and white dress uniforms. Captain's rank insignia took the form of gold collar stars.[2]


Shipyards Appears Notes
Laconia Station Strange Dogs Persepolis Rising Tiamat's Wrath A Ring Builder Empire shipyard discovered by an MCRN probe. Was used by the Laconian Empire to create a fleet vastly superior to anything already existing.
Medina Station Persepolis Rising Captured from the Transport Union during Laconian emergence at Medina Station.


Fleet Appears Notes
First fleet Nemesis Games Persepolis Rising Tiamat's Wrath Composed of a third of the MCRN fleet that defected to Laconia. By the Laconia-Sol Conflict this fleet had been decomissioned.
Home fleet Persepolis Rising Tiamat's Wrath For the defense of the Laconia system and policing operations.
Expeditionary Force Persepolis Rising The Fleet was sent to reunify Laconia with the rest of the Interstellar human community in the Laconia-Sol Conflict.

Known ships[]

Designation Class Ship type Appearances Notes
Proteus Proteus-class Battleship Babylon's Ashes Found half built in Laconia Station, the Laconian Empire would complete this ship. Was used to send supplies to the Free Navy including the railguns for the Ring Station.
Heart of the Tempest Magnetar-class Battlecruiser[3] Persepolis Rising
Tiamat's Wrath
Defeated the entire Earth-Mars Coalition Navy and Transport Union fleets.
Destroyed in Tempest Storm engagement.
Eye of the Typhoon Persepolis Rising
Tiamat's Wrath
Wiped out in Slow zone devastation event.
Voice of the Whirlwind Persepolis Rising
Tiamat's Wrath
Leviathan Falls
Positioned to protect Laconia.
Gathering Storm Pulsar-class Fast destroyer Persepolis Rising
Tiamat's Wrath
Leviathan Falls
Captured by insurgents led by Bobbie Draper.
Destroyed in the Battle of Draper Station
Monsoon Tiamat's Wrath
Mammatus Tiamat's Wrath Was located in Arcadia system
Annihilated by underground Navy torpedoes.
Rising Derecho Leviathan Falls Commanded by Captain Botton
Rising Shamal Tiamat's Wrath Commanded by Captain Kennedy Wu.
Daskell Protector-class Destroyer Persepolis Rising
Ackermann Persepolis Rising
Ekandjo Persepolis Rising
Smith Persepolis Rising
Stover Persepolis Rising
Black Kite Unknown-class Frigate Leviathan Falls Smaller than Pulsar-class destroyers. It has a self healing hull.
Sparrowhawk Unknown-class Frigate Leviathan Falls Commanded by Captain Noel Mugabo
Commandeered by Colonel Aliana Tanaka.
Cleo Unknown-class Patrol ship Persepolis Rising
Falcon Unknown-class Science ship Tiamat's Wrath
Leviathan Falls
Dr. Okoye's science ship to study dead systems.
Lightbreaker Unknown-class Cargo ship Persepolis Rising Commandeered at Medina station for prisoner transfer.
Notus Unknown-class Warship Auberon Transported Governor Rittenaur to Auberon.
Sagan Unknown Colony ship Strange Dogs The ship that transported the original settlers to Laconia eight years later it was still in orbit when the Laconian Empire was formed.[4]

Designation Class Ship type Appearances Notes
Barkeith D-class Fleet support ship Season 5 Vanished in Ring network anomaly.

Ship-classes used by Laconia[]

Class Ship type Photo Notes
Magnetar-class Battleship Often referred to as Battleship by non-Laconian forces.
Gravitar-class Battleship A battleship class constructed using Ring Builder technology.
Proteus-class Battleship S06E01Laconiastation04m04s.jpg Found half built on Laconia Station by humanity, it was later completed by the Laconian Empire. Phased out of service by Laconia-Sol Conflict
Donnager-class Battleship RPG Donnagerclass2.jpg One ship in the First fleet. Was destroyed by Ring gate anomaly before entering Laconia system
Protector-class Destroyer Several used to establish power across recently conquered Sol system.
Pulsar-class Fast destroyer Two hundred and eighty in service after Medina's destruction[5]
Unknown class Frigate Two Laconian frigates engaged the Gathering Storm near Jupiter resulting in their destruction.

Class Ship type Photo Notes
D-class Fleet support ship Barkeith concept 1.jpg One in First Fleet. Barkeith was lost to Ring network anomaly while transiting to the Laconia system.
Scirocco-class Assault Cruiser Sciroccoclassconceptart.jpg Four in First Fleet.
Unknown class Heavy frigate[6] S05E06heavyfrigate13m26s.jpg At least one reported to the MCRN as destroyed and secretly transferred to Laconia First Fleet.
Morrigan-class Patrol Destroyer Morriganclassdestroyer1.png At least two in First Fleet, possibly up to six.


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