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Dr. Lawrence Strickland was the Ganymede-based pediatrician of Mei Meng who suffered from Myers-Skelton Premature Immunosenescence. He has advanced degrees in genetics, biology, nano-informatics.


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He was employed by Protogen before coming to work as a pediatrician on Ganymede.

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Season 2 Edit

In the hours leading into the catastrophic events of "Pyre", Strickland escorts Mei, without informing her father Prax, beyond the grounds of the clinic in which their appointment together is held. The doctor's connection with Protogen and the looming concern over the protomolecule weighs on the consciousness of those tracing the peculiar abduction.

In "Cascade", it is revealed that Strickland was last known to still remain on Ganymede and that he's taken Mei to some underground location while other children who share her immune disorder are similarly missing and might share her fate. These other lost children with Myers-Skelton Premature Immunosenescence include Katoa Merton and Sandro Ventisiete.

In "Here There Be Dragons", it is learnt that the geneticist transported the young child to the location of a secret lab to join captive children and, as suspected, those others do in fact have the same disorder.

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When Martian tech-clad foursome in invasion party from Rocinante are detected infiltrating Prospero Station, Strickland persuaded Mao to use the hostage children as human shields and his own staff as cannon fodder. Personally shoots Mei's attending medical tech in the back and claims to have been protecting the children. When Prax asks about Mei and her ordeal, he interrupts repeatedly claiming to have especially cared for her. Prax, not trusting Strickland, intends to execute Mao's lead sociopath researcher but can't. Amos deals with Strickland in Prax's stead

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