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Lester Overstreet is a major in the Laconian Marine Corps. He was a short man with a thick neck. broad. shaved head. pale skin. Overstreet had served for ten years at the time of the Laconian emergence at Medina Station.


Overstreet was Colonel Tanaka's next in command and assumed her duties when Santiago Singh relieved her of her post. Overstreet called Tanaka a mentor. At that time, Singh told Overstreet that he'd submitted a promotion for the major to lieutenant colonel.

Overstreet implemented for Singh the crackdown that Tanaka objected to. terrorist acts persisted. At the direction of Singh, Overstreet posted a report containing security procedures that the insurgents managed to capture.

Overstreet toured the aftermath of the insurgent mass exodus plot. Singh resolved to address the problem by executing non-loyal residents of Medina. Overstreet then informed Singh that Tanaka had passed down to him a standing order to make an example of Singh if he should violate the code High Consul Winston Duarte had laid down for how to treat the civilians of Medina. Overstreet terminated Singh

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