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The MCRN Callisto shipyards was a major military shipyard owned by the Martian Congressional Republic (MCR) and the Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN). Located on the Jovian moon of Callisto, the shipyard was deemed critical to the MCRN. Adjacent to it was a UN civilian shipyard built for commercial use.


The Callisto shipyards were responsible for the construction of all Donnager-class battleships, which were the most powerful warships in existence up until the Free Navy Conflict.

Ship construction was the primary purpose of the shipyard including providing vessels with stealth coating technology, which was kept in storehouses on the base. Munitions however were not held on the base and as such no nuclear materials were kept.

The MCRN’s Callisto Shipyards were the MCRN's main shipyards and the largest such facility in the Outer Planets. Most of the MCRN’s fleet has been built there, From the nearly 500-meter long hulls of its primary engine of war, the Donnager-class battleship, to the smallest ships of its fleet, the vicious 23-meter Asp-class Fast attack ships.

The MCRN Callisto Lunar Shipyards are far below Port Hampton in the crater itself, a sprawling complex of warehouses and supply depots, bunkers and barracks, perimeter fences and workshops. It shares anti-asteroid railgun defenses with its civilian twin.

The MCRN Callisto Orbital Shipyards were built at the same time as the Lunar Shipyards and have expanded somewhat similarly over the years. Complete assembly of the largest ships occurs in high orbit above the moon. Additionally, it services the ships of the MCRN Jupiter fleet cruising between Ceres and Ganymede. There are rumors of classified weapons testing on that route, especially out of the Callisto shipyards, but little else is known. Part of the Orbital Shipyards has been leased to the Earth-based civilian companies of the UN Callisto Shipyards.

The immense amount of resources the Martian Republic pours into its scientific and military projects have given them the edge in space. Martian-built ships are unparalleled in the system, boasting superior systems across the board including sensors, armor, and stealth technology. Only the capital ships of the UNN (United Nations Navy) can come close in any category that matters. Mars’ technology is superior, its weapons are more deadly, and its soldiers are better trained—and Martians never let anyone else forget it. The MCRN’s battleships are large enough to act as mobile bases, carrying everything from squads of marines and their Goliath armor to shuttles and Corvette-class Light frigates. Mars has developed advanced stealth technology, though it is primarily deployed on huge-size ships and smaller. The MCRN’s design is similar to the UN’s in the use of soft edges, curves, and spongy materials to minimize damage if someone is caught out of place by impact or sudden maneuvers. However, biometric interfaces that control things like food distribution and sick bays with ultra high-tech couches that relay patient vitals directly to Olympus Mons are not found on UNN ships. Nor are such excellent coffee machines.


Full article: Free Navy raid on Callisto shipyards

Having been informed that the MCRN Callisto shipyards contained stealth materials by Winston Duarte, the Free Navy launched a massive raid against the station. Ground forces led by Filip Inaros knocked out the shipyard's anti-asteroid cannons and killed its Force Recon Marine garrison.

The raiding party was able to enter the warehouses in the shipyard and stole four thousand-litre canisters containing High-Density Resonance Coating. This Stealth tech was loaded onto an evac scaffold with then was lifted off the shipyard's surface a mere few minutes before an asteroid hit and completely destroyed the MCRN shipyards.[1]

Due to the nature of the massive raid during a time of peace and the complete destruction of it along with any evidence of who attacked it was not known who committed the attack. Most people believed it to have been a radical faction of the Outer Planets Alliance and had no knowledge of the stolen Stealth tech.

After the attack, the Martian Congressional Republic began rebuilding the base; however, upon the mass defections and beginnings of the Free Navy Conflict, the rebuilding efforts were abandoned. The military base was then never rebuilt although the land it was located on would over several decades be added to the civilian shipyards.[2]

MCRN 3rd Fleet, having received heavy losses against a United Nations Navy fleet and losing four battle groups, was forced to withdraw to the shipyards along with other MCRN forces.[3] The UNN fleet followed and greatly outnumbered the MCRN fleet, anticipating the engagement above Callisto. The UN-MCR War ended, however, before any attack against the station could occur.[4]


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