The Stealth C Stealth Ballistic Missile Platform[1] is a first strike nuclear missile platform utilized by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy to launch nuclear assaults against Earth. Five were positioned against Earth during the UN-MCR War. It is one of the most advanced and most valuable assets available to the MCR.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

At 83 meters long, it is slightly longer than the UNN railgun platforms, its UNN first-strike counterpart. These platforms are equipped with maneuvering thrusters and presumably, a drive unit. Each platform yields 10 Planetbuster missiles tipped with 20 nuclear weapons per missile. Added with this complement includes MCRN stealth material, making it invisible to nearly any ship. Positioned at optimal strike locations, they are routinely moved to new locations to conceal their current positions, with the assistance of frequently utilized sensor blinding systems.

Despite being coated in radio-wave-absorbing material, 5 platforms of this class were detected by UNN Watchtower satellites, a spy satellite model employed by the UNN with MCRN stealth-penetrating sensory technology.

History[edit | edit source]

During the brief war between the United Nations and Martian Congressional Republic, the UNN Watchtower satellites discovered the locations of two of the stealth platforms. Using these two sets of coordinates, the United Nations was able to predict and plot the positions of the three remaining platforms.

They therefore initiated a strike on all these stations simultaneously using Earth's planetary defense railguns. Four of these strikes were immediately successful, destroying the missile platforms; however, one railgun failed initially to fire correctly, and the final target missile platform was able to launch one of its missiles before its own destruction. The missile managed to drop a nuclear payload past planetary defenses and destroy the Amazonian city of Goias Maior in South America, killing approximately 2 million people.

Media[edit | edit source]


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