The MCRN Unidentified light cruiser class was a ship class built by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. This class was in service prior to the Free Navy Conflict; during this time, one such ship of this class was stolen and provided to the Free Navy. This vessel would later be known as the Pella, and would be the flagship of the Free Navy and the personal ship of Marco Inaros.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Sleek in shape and angular in form, this class of vessel resembles a fusion between the designs of the Morrigan-class patrol destroyer and the Donnager-class battleship. At its aft—much like the Donnager-class—, the vessel has four rectangular structures, each containing an Epstein Drive. The vessel's stern houses its short/long range sensor/radar/ladar and communications arrays, as well as its at least nine Torpedo tubes. In total, this class of dedicated missile cruisers can carry a total of 160 missiles

Across the ship, nine Point Defense Cannons (PDCs) are situated for optimal fields of fire to protect the vessel from torpedo attacks. Four PDCs are located at the ship's rear—one on each engine housing structure—and give along the main hull.

Designation Photo Appears Notes
Pella Season 5 Stolen by Free Navy; personal ship of Marco Inaros and flagship of the Free Navy.

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