The Magnetar-class is a battleship officially designated a battle cruiser by the Laconian Imperial Navy. Ships of this class include the Heart of the Tempest , the Eye of the Typhoon, and the Voice of the Whirlwind[3]. The ships are grown at the Laconian orbiting construction platform.


The largest and most powerful class of all Laconian ships, the Magnetar-class was believed to able able to fit a dozen Pulsar-class destroyers inside its hull. It is shaped like a lone vertebra from some long-dead giant the size of a planet. Sensor arrays, point-defense cannons, rail guns, and missile tubes are hidden in this ship's self-healing hull plate system. The exterior is slightly asymmetric.

The class was stated to have been filled with state of the art technology not present in any other ship-class in the Laconian Imperial Navy. The walls onboard look like sheets of frosted glass, and glowed with a gentle blue light. When the ships drives come online the walls pulse from blue to yellow[4].

Known ships Edit

Designation Notes
Heart of the Tempest Defeated the entire EMC / Transport Union fleet
Eye of the Typhoon Assigned to Slow Zone after Tempest moved into Sol system.
Voice of the Whirlwind Under construction during Laconia-Sol Conflict.

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Analysis/Conjecture/Theory Edit

The names of the ships (Tempest, Typhoon, Whirlwind) may reference to a theme repeated in a quote by Winston Duarte"No, captain Holden. No Sticks. When you fight gods you storm heaven"

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