The Magnetar-class is a battleship officially designated a battle cruiser by the Laconian Imperial Navy. Ships of this class include the Heart of the Tempest , the Eye of the Typhoon, and the Voice of the Whirlwind.[3] These ships are "grown" rather than constructed at the Laconian orbiting construction platform.

Design[edit | edit source]

The largest and most powerful class of all Laconian ships, the Magnetar-class was believed to be able to fit a dozen Pulsar-class destroyers inside its hull. The Magnetars are described as having protrusions and curves like of a monstrous bone pale vertebra, and being asymmetrical in shape. Sensor arrays, point-defense cannons, rail guns, and missile tubes are hidden in this ship's self-healing hull plate system. The exterior is slightly asymmetric.

The class was stated to have been filled with state of the art technology not present in any other ship-class in the Laconian Imperial Navy. The walls onboard look like sheets of frosted glass, and glowed with a gentle blue light. When the ships drives come online the walls pulse from blue to yellow.[4]

Ships of this class[edit | edit source]

Designation Notes
Heart of the Tempest Defeated the entire EMC / Transport Union fleet. Destroyed near Callisto in 51 XTE
Eye of the Typhoon Assigned to slow zone after Tempest moved into Sol system. Destroyed during the slow zone catastrophe.
Voice of the Whirlwind Under construction during Laconia-Sol Conflict. Entered service during the siege of Laconia.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Analysis/Conjecture/Theory[edit | edit source]

The names of the ships (Tempest, Typhoon, Whirlwind) may refer to a theme repeated in a quote by Winston Duarte: "No, captain Holden. No Sticks. When you fight gods you storm heaven"

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