The Mammatus was a Pulsar-class destroyer.


After the Slow zone devastation event the Mammatus was sent to guard the Arcadia gate and enforce Laconian rule in the Arcadia system . Eventually the ship returned via the slow zone to the Laconia system for resupply. Upon entering the Laconia gate the Mammatus was ambushed by half a dozen underground ships. The Mammatus was immediately hit with massive sensor jamming from multiple sources. Within three seconds the destoyer had been hit by five torpedoes. The torpedo strikes were devastating destroying its manouvering thrusters along its port side along with six PDC emplacements. The ship also began venting atmosphere. Mammatus attempted to counterstrike launching its own torpedoes but theses were taken out as soon as they launched by enemy PDCs. The ship attempted to flee the engagement sunwards running straight into a swarm of stealth coated uranium micrometeorite strikes which stressed its hull further and peeled back a section of its plating. The destroyer fell into an uncontroled spin before being hit by a further five torpedoes and constant PDC fire destroying the ship[1].


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