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Manéo "Néo" Jung-Espinoza was a hotshot slingshot racer from Ceres. In an effort to impress his girlfriend Evita, he adjusted his trajectory during his run to pass through the Ring, and in doing so, inadvertently activated it.

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In "Delta-V", Manéo, with his self-made racing ship, the Y Que, just set a new slingshot record on the Jupiter-6 Run , a slingshot race around 6 orbital bodies of Jupiter, and is now heading for Saturn. He sends out a message to his girlfriend Evita on Ceres, telling her that next he will beat another record there.

Months later, when he gets to Saturn and slingshots around it, he is annoyed that news about the ring kick him out of the newsfeed headlines all the time. When he further receives a reply from Evita, telling him that since he is always away from her, she will break up with him, and that she is together with his brother right now, he falls in a deep depression.

To impress Evita and the entire slingshot-scene, he then decides to take a new course towards Uranus and the Ring beyond it with the goal to fly through that thing and therefore write history. Several month later he gets there, and ignoring the warnings from MCRN Hammurabi that he is flying in restricted space, he heads directly towards the then still inactive gate. But as he flies into the ring construction, the defences of the slow zone are triggered as he had been traveling at interplanetary velocities, and he is subject to massive deceleration forces in excess of 100 gravities and therefore liquefied almost instantly.

However, his ship, the Y Que, stayed intact and was drawn into a parking orbit around the Ring Station.

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  • Manéo Jung-Espinoza
  • Manéo's Jupiter-6 record
  • Manéo on the newsfeed
  • Manéo talking to Evita
  • Y Que approaching Saturn
  • Manéo after Saturn slingshot
  • Evita talking to Manéo
  • Manéo's brother (background)
  • Manéo is depressed
  • Manéo planning slingshot to the ring
  • Manéo getting to the ring
  • Manéo getting to the ring
  • Manéo entering the ring
  • Y Que hits the ring
  • Manéo liquefied

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  • The song Manéo is listening at the beginning of the episode is a remake of the Deep Purple song "Highway Star" (1972), with new lyrics in belter language.[1] [2] [3]
  • The 2nd song in the episode (I'm so alone) is a belter version of the song "All by Myself", originally from Eric Carmen (1975) but better known from Celine Dion's cover-version (1996).[4]

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    Nobody gonna take my ship, I'm gonna race it till I'm happy.
    Nobody gonna beat my ship, it's gonna break the speed of light.
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