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The Marasmus was a vessel owned by Pallas Station.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Marasmus was a small ship owned by Pallas Station, and was rented out to customers for select periods of time. It was equipped with a large medical bay and state of the art medical equipment.

The Marasmus was rented by the humanitarian organization Aid Without Allegiance to carry out a rescue mission on Eros after the Eros incident.[1]

Dr. Victor Mesplede along with others from Aid Without Allegiance took the ship to Eros and tethered the ship to the asteroid while they attempted to determine the situation on the station and render aid. Although the station was locked down, one of the doctors of the crew, Dr. Kane, was able to hack an airlock and enter, discovering the protomolecule. He was infected while trying to gather a sample and died near the airlock.

When the Rocinante and the Guy Molinari arrived at Eros to set up the demolition of the asteroid, the Roci discovered the Marasmus.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

Upon discovering the Marasmus, James Holden questions the ship's crew about their presence on the asteroid. Dr. Mesplede conceals the fact that his crew gained access to the station and shares a story about being on a humanitarian mission of mercy to help the survivors, emphasizing the station is locked down. Holden attempted to intimidate Mesplede with the threat of boarding his ship but lets the crew sit a while before releasing them.

When Miller discovers one of the airlocks was hacked and breached and then finds the body of a Marasmus crew member infected by the protomolecule, the Rocinante crew realize they had been deceived and order the Marasmus to return and subject themselves to inspection. Naomi jammed their communication systems to prevent any release of information regarding Eros. Mesplede confessed that one of their crew penetrated the station and found a protomolecule construct and, against his colleague's warnings, attempted to take a sample and was attacked by the protomolecule.

Although Holden tried to reason with the doctor, Mesplede refused to return to the asteroid and be boarded, insisting that their obligation was to reveal the information about the protomolecule bioweapon they found to the whole system. Holden was forced to launch a torpedo and destroy the Marasmus before the ship could get away.

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Media[edit | edit source]


The Expanse - The Rocinante Destroys The Marasmus

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Marasmus, by definition, is a form of severe malnutrition characterized by energy deficiency.[3]

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