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This page is about the Tv icon.png TV character. For the books incarnation, see Marco Inaros (Books).

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Marco Inaros is an Outer Planets Alliance operative, political extremist and commander of the Free Navy, a Belter faction and self-declared "military arm and voice" of the Outer Planets. He was the principal architect behind the bombardment of Earth, presumably the MCR Parliament bombing and Tycho station Coup, and the igniter of the Free Navy Conflict.



At some point in his youth, he met Naomi Nagata and they had a romantic relationship. They used to sit in bars up late, listening to speeches of OPA leaders, and wanting to do something about it. He eventually tricked Naomi into developing a code capable of hacking reactor cores, and under the disguise of using it as rescue mission, he implemented it in the Augustin Gamarra, a civillian ship docked on Luna. Inaros, however, overloaded the reactor with the code, and killed all 516 people onboard. Overwelmed by the guilt, Naomi left Inaros, and their newborn son, Filip.

Throughout the series[]

During the Donnager incident, the MCR was aware of the personal links between Nagata and Inaros, suspecting Naomi was active as an OPA operative for Marco Inaros and his affiliates and being responsible for the destruction of the Canterbury.


Marco's most prominent trait is his intense and ever-present charisma, which he uses to influence the people around him. He is shown to be incredibly persuasive, as seen in the tribunal held against him, where he manages to talk his way out of an almost certain death sentence and acquire a couple of allies in the process. His magnetic personality has been described as dangerous by Ashford and Naomi, both of whom outlined the fact that Marco knows what he is doing: His allure isn't passive, but instead stems from his sharp intelligence and his deep understanding of people's fears and desires, which he deliberately exploits to gain control over others.

Marco's charming conduct is, in fact, the surface of a much darker character; a duplicitous, manipulative, machiavellian nature. The effect Marco has on the people around him shows all the hallmark signs of psychological abusers: He shows a caring facade in key moments, such as his initially loving relationship with Naomi or his nurturing approach to his son Filip, which gradually makes people trust and admire him. As time progresses, Marco ensures that those around him feel more and more attached and dependent on him; When Filip asks for some limited independence, Marco immediately, publicly humiliates him, blaming him for failures that weren't directly his fault, and outright telling him that his life is nothing without Marco, but then leads the Pella's crew to start chanting Filip's name, thus connecting Filip's feelings of self-worth to his obedience of Marco. Naomi described the power that Marco exerted over her, saying that at the height of their relationship she craved his attention and dreaded his disapproval, and everything she thought or did was devoted to pleasing him. And, when people break away from his control, he often lies and twists the truth to discredit them and shift all blame away from himself, such as how he raised Filip to think of Naomi as selfish and cowardly for leaving, without mentioning how Marco himself lied to her, betrayed her trust and used her invention to murder people against her will. Marco is very good at identifying people's weak spots and capitalizing on them for his manipulations: He uses Naomi's guilt over leaving Filip to torment her, uses Holden's love for Naomi to lure him into a trap, or Drummer's allegiance to the Belt and her family in order to ensure her obedience.

Like the other Belters in his regiment, Marco seems to have a deep rooted anger and bitterness aimed at the Inner Planets and the way they treat Belter lives as lesser and insignificant. Having grown up as an orphan on Pallas and suffered the oppression, injustice and poverty imposed on Belters by the Inners, Marco views all Earthers and Martians as enemies, and despises the thought of peace via assimilation and compromise.

Marco views himself as a heroic liberator, claiming he will lead humanity into a rebirth, away from Earth and Mars' history of exploitation, domination and hatred. However, and although he cites the Belt's suffering as the drive behind his extremist movement, it is often evident that his mission is saturated with his ambition and desire for power. His approach to leadership is narcissistic and megalomaniacal and, as pointed out by Naomi, Marco will often blame collective errors on others to shift responsibility away from himself, while claiming credit for other people's accomplishments: after the conclusion of the Battle for the Sol Gate, which was a collaborative effort between hundreds of ships, Marco tells Filip "I made this happen".


Season Four
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10 "Cibola Burn"Appears
Season Five
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