The Mariner Valley is a canyon that runs along the equator of Mars. It was one of the first large-scale settlements on the planets.

It contains five neighborhoods burrowed into the sides of the vast canyons, linked together by Haizhe, a network of bridges and tubes that make a figure resembling a cartoon jellyfish. Later, a high-speed line to Londres Nova was added.

Valles Marineris stretches across the planet's surface, a canyon beyond grand, four thousand kilometers of protection from the admittedly ungentle Martian elements. The Mariner Valley was settled by Chinese, East Indian, and Texan immigrants in one of the earliest waves of migration, and it remains one of the most well-developed sections of Mars today. Spurred by their ancient heritage on Earth, the residents of the Valley maintain a cowboy attitude and manner of speech, leading to an affected plain-spoken style and a propensity for drinking. It also led to a propensity for sports; football matches played in low Martian gravity are long distance and graceful affairs, and the Mariner Valley teams enjoy a planet-wide fanbase.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

It was originally settled by Chinese, East Indians and Texans from Earth, and people from the Mariner Valley may look like any of those ethnic group, but they generally speak with a Texan accent; for example, Alex Kamal is from there, has the skin complexion and hair color of an East Indian, but speaks with an exaggerated Texan drawl.

Neighbourhoods[edit | edit source]

Neighbourhood Notes
Bunker Hill
Ballard Alex lived here during his first marriage
Galveston Shallow
Innis Shallows


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