The Mariner Valley shipyard bombing was a terrorist attack by Marco Inaros' Belter faction. It also was an attempt by them to kill several Martian criminals who had been selling them illegal classified materials to coverup their activities.

Events[edit | edit source]

Esai's contact in the Martian Congressional Republic Navy Sargeant Fermín Beltran informed Esai and his team of a shipment coming in from the armory at Callisto to Mariner Valley. The cargo was then offloaded at storage level three to be scheduled for recycling. Beltran was also going to provide the access codes despite not having the clearance to get them legally.[1]

Esai's group was just required to escort these materials from the dock storage to a buyer in one of the berths. The profit each member of the group would receive would be ten times what they would have made working on another job. It seemed like easy money to them. Bobbie Draper was skeptical of this job as it seemed to easy with to many unknowns and chose to be involved. Esai however was too tempted by the job's high pay as he intended to take his family on a ship to a new habitable world through the Ring network.

Bobbie feeling unease despite no longer being a part of the job followed Sargeant Fermín Beltran leading to an encounter with members of her former criminal group. They discussed their contact being only a Sargeant yet having high level access codes that he should not have. They separated with the criminal group heading to do the job.

Bobbie investigated Beltran further and discovered that one other person in his unit Logistics Command was in a Protomolecule working group of which the details were classified. Bobbie went to the Logistics Command base where Beltran worked to find him dead by the enterance from apparent cardiac arrest, with medics and military police next to him. Believing it to now certainly be a trap she travelled with speed to the drop off location to warn Esai.

Arriving just in time Bobbie spotted a hidden gunman aiming at Esai (who was arguing over payment with a man dressed in MCRN uniform). Bobbie yelled a gunman warning and knocked out the ambusher. A shootout began Esai being hit along with two of his men. Bobbie took out another ambusher whilst two more fled. By the time she reached Esai he was already dead. She grabbed his gun and gave chase until the ambushers who by this time were obvious Belters. The Belters had left a bomb which was about to detonate and fled via a lift into a docked Morrigan-Class Patrol destroyer. The Bobbie fled narrowly avoiding being killed in the blast, however the glass roof of the shipyard shattered and one mayor crane collapsed partically destroying the facility. Bobbie and the sole survivor of Esai's team managed to flee just before the containment doors closed.

News feeds in Mars were focussed on the shipyard blast and the spotted Morrigan-Class ship fleeing from the scene which was being reported as a terror attack.[2]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It was almost certain that the Belters had deliberately made this job so as to kill anyone who would possibly talk about what happened within Mars. This included Beltran who's death was suspiscous and likely murder due to its timing.

Media[edit | edit source]


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