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Captain Martens is a grief counselor in the Martian Congressional Republic Navy.

History Edit

Ganymede Incident Edit

When Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper was in the hospital recovering from the events of the Ganymede incident, Captain Martens was called in to be her grief counselor. Upon their initial meeting, Bobbie dismissed him telling him she was fine. He then tells her that they are going to Earth.

During their trip to Earth on the Harman Dae-Jung, Martens meets Bobbie in the cargo bay while working on her armor. He tells her that he's been observing her and she's beginning to show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder but there's nothing to be ashamed of and that he can help her. Bobbie replies that talking to him won't make her better but killing the people who started this war will.

Once they arrive on Earth, Bobbie and Thorsson attend a meeting with the delegations from Earth and Mars. Three hours in and only the agenda being discussed, Bobbie loses her temper and asks why no one has spoken about the monster yet. Furious, Thorsson sends her out of the room and into the hall. When Martens arrives, Thorsson blames him for not being able to keep Bobbie under control and then tells them they are both on the next ship back to Mars to answer to a disciplinary council. When Martens ask her how she feels, she goes for a walk.

The next day, when Bobbie leaves a meeting with Thorsson, he runs into her making sure that they are parting on friendly terms to which she responds they are.


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