Martin Roach, full name Martin Jamie Roach, is an African-Canadian actor. He was born in Toronto from African parents. Roach portrays Admiral Souther in The Expanse.

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Roach began his acting career in 1996 when he played a cop in 2 episodes of the TV series "Due South".

Roach is also known for his roles on "Aaron Stone" as T. Abner Hall and in the films "Cube Zero" (2004), "Diary of the Dead" (2007), and "The Lookout" (2007). His most acclaimed film is "Spotlight" (2015).

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Actor: Martin Roach • Season 1
Season 1 — Episode"Remember the Cant"Admiral Souther
Season 1 — Episode"CQB"Admiral Souther
Season 1 — Episode"Salvage"Admiral Souther
Season 1 — Episode"Leviathan Wakes"Admiral Souther

Actor: Martin Roach • Season 2
Season 2 — Episode"Safe"Admiral Souther
Season 2 — Episode"Doors & Corners"Admiral Souther

Actor: Martin Roach • Season 3
Season 3 — Episode"Assured Destruction"Admiral Souther
Season 3 — Episode"Triple Point"Admiral Souther
Season 3 — Episode"Immolation"Admiral Souther
(credit only)


  • Martin Roach as Admiral Souther
  • Martin Roach in The Other Kingdom
  • Martin Roach in Harriet the Spy - Blog Wars


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