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Mateo is the owner of the Xinglong and the uncle of Diogo.


Throughout the series[]

Mateo, owner of the ship Xinglong, and his nephew Diogo Harari are prospecting ore from an asteroid when they're boarded and inspected by a Martian Navy patrol. The inspection reveals the ship's license to be out of date and the Martians proceed to shut them down. As Diogo is sleeping, a drunken Mateo wakes him and throws him in an airlock with his suit. Then, Mateo vents Diogo into the vacuum of space and proceeds to fling his haul directly at the Martian vessel that had previously boarded them. In response to the violent act of civil protest, Mateo's ship was targeted by a torpedo and destroyed while Diogo watched helplessly.[1]


Season One
1 "Dulcinea"Absent
2 "The Big Empty"Absent
3 "Remember the Cant"Absent
4 "CQB"Absent
5 "Back to the Butcher"Absent
6 "Rock Bottom"Appears
7 "Windmills"Absent
8 "Salvage"Absent
9 "Critical Mass"Absent
10 "Leviathan Wakes"Absent



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