Mechs are bulky exoskeletons, offering no actual life support but amplifying the wearer’s strength considerably. Mechs range from a simple arrangement strapped over the user’s shoulders, with mechanical, articulated arms, to an egg-shaped open cage with the wearer strapped into its center, equipped with four articulated limbs. These provide stability and utility, as each limb ends in a foot that can be rotated back to deploy a variety of cutting and welding tools. Mechs also have tether points where crew-mates can connect themselves to be carried to and from a labor site, and where loads of parts, salvage, or ore can be stowed.[1]

The Martian Marine Corps (Books only) uses a type of Combat mech alongside Force Recon Marines in Goliath armor. This armor looks like a larger suit of power armor without a head and a large canon.

History[edit | edit source]

On Ganymede a military Mech called Yojimbo was in service. When United Nations Marine Corps and Martian Marine Corps marines were attacked by a Hybrid this mech becae engaged in combat with it. The hybrid was able to grab onto the mech and rip its pilot out.

During the Free Navy raid on Callisto shipyards a loading mech ran over "no mans land" towards Callisto shipyards, its anti-meteor array, and its meteor defense cannons. This damaged the array and repairs would take an hour, time in which the station's anti-meteor defenses would be inoperable.

An automated mech was launched onto Tycho Station in a breaching pod. It was attached to Fred Johnson's quarters and proceeded to cut into a safe hidden under his bed where the Protomolecule sample was kept. Returning to the breaching pod it successfully stole the sample and returned it to Zmeya

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