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Melissa Suputayaporn is one of the formerly two crew members of the Weeping Somnambulist.

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She is married to Santichai Suputayaporn and the two normally ship food from Ganymede station to Ceres. Now with the disaster there and the loss of 3 out of 5 domes, they have gotten the Somnambulist classified as a relief freighter and are hauling a load of food supplies to Ganymede.

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In "The Weeping Somnambulist", she and her husband's ship, the Weeping Somnambulist, is boarded by James Holden and his crew. They are forced to take the Rocinante crew down to Ganymede, as means of being undetected. After having arrived there, Melissa and her husband are attacked by a couple of Belters who seem to pursue the resources their ship carries. Sensing that danger was heading their way, Holden and his crew return to the Somnambulist and fend off the attackers, killing them. Unfortunately, her husband is killed as well. Melissa screams in agony, ordering Holden and his crew to leave her ship.

In "The Monster and the Rocket", Melissa is approached by Naomi, who wishes to help repair the Somnambulist. Melissa is reticent at first, but ultimately agrees. Naomi manages to fix the ship's main cockpit. However, they are unable to save all refugees, as the air tanks will support only 52 people. Forced with making a choice, Naomi decides to allow for the salvation of fifty-two Belters. The Ganymedeans are violent at fist, one of them attempting to choke Naomi. She manages to convince him of the urgent situation. Consequently, only fifty-two people are allowed aboard. When Naomi gives up her place to the muscled guy she was helped by, Champa, he pushes her aboard. Melissa and Naomi take off but are detected by MCRN patrols. They are requested by the Martian Navy to abort their course, but they affirm they are unable to comply. They are fired upon, but the Rocinante is able to arrive on time and intercept the torpedo. Holden warns the MCRN vessels that engaging in combat would be suicidal for both parties. Consequently, the two ships are allowed to leave Ganymede together.

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  • Bottom captioning states "DNA Match -- ID Scan Active"

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