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This page is about the Book-icon-simple books character. For the TV incarnation, see Michael Iturbi.
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Michael-Jon de Uturbé had been a field technician when Avasarala first met him, thirty years before.

The de facto head of the special sciences committee investigating protomolecule construct on Venus using scans from the Arboghast.[1]

Appearance Edit

His hair had fallen out or grown white, his dark brown skin had taken to draping a bit off of his bones, and he hadn’t changed the brand of cheap floral cologne he wore.

History Edit

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Married to Avasarala's roommate from university, intensely shy, almost antisocial.

Ganymede Incident Edit

Discovered a link between protomolecule entities that was instantaneous even over vast distances and was not restricted by propagation distance limitations such as the speed of light. Reported video evidence that the protomolecule on Venus was studying human technology the same way a science student disassembles it, the same way the Arboghast was disassembled. Avasarala has him send this to Admiral Souther.

Located Bobbie's power armor and had it sent along with her and Avasarala aboard the Guanshiyin.

Notes Edit

  • The TV series changed this character's name to Michael Iturbi, possibly just for simplicity.
  • They took away his dark thin skin as well

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