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Nauvoo statue

Mormons (also known as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) are a religious group surviving from old Earth history.

History Edit

Eros Incident Edit

Wanting to escape the restrictions of birth control, which conflicted with their religious dogma, the Mormons built the Nauvoo with the intention of populating Tau Ceti. These hopes were dashed when the Nauvoo was commandeered by the OPA in an attempt to destroy a protomolecule-transformed Eros.

Generations later, the influence of the organization continues to be mentioned especially the role in the creation of Medina Station however neither the name "Latter-Day Saints" nor "Mormons" is used.

Known Mormons Edit

Mormon Character Episode Timestamp Location Contact Purpose
Daniel Krantz as Elder Murray "Remember the Cant" 10:17 Ceres Havelock & Miller Weekly Comedy Night at the Laugh Shack
Peter Spence as Mormon Elder
"CQB" 14:51 Tycho Fred Johnson LDS liaison, citing leadership concerns with Fred Johnson's affiliation to OPA, attempts to fire Fred but is intimidated into abandoning.
Kevin Bundy as Mormon (unnamed) "Salvage" 2:05 Ceres/Eros Miller After being fired, then learning from Sematimba that the Anubis 1A arrived on Eros, Miller decides to go follow. He is engaged in conversation by a Mormon seated across from him who notices his first-time space travel nerves
Jeff Clarke as Elder McCann "Static" 30:05 Tycho Miller stake and/or Nauvoo recruiting station

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Trivia Edit

  • The article (apparently an LDS-targeted site) promoted on this article in the "External Links" section references a character named "Elder Murray" in season 1 episode 3, "Remember the Cant".
  • The "Elder Murray" character appears to have been a conflation by the show of a Mormon with a humanist from the Church of Humanity Ascendant. He is costumed to resemble a Mormon missionary despite having a badge from the humanist church. He is not costumed in orange robes to resemble the version of that humanist church as described in Caliban's War. Critics of the Elder Murray character express the costume did not meet LDS missionary regulations Furthermore, they question why he was operating individually and not paired with a partner.
  • SPECULATION: A number of speculative theories may explain this character. Since he identifies himself as Mormon, this is likely another instance of a props department goof but that may have just as easily been prompted by late changes in the script.
  • The article goes on to observe that following book three (Abaddon's Gate), little mention of LDS is apparent. Following through with what was stated by Times and Seasons, it is this contributor's observation that organized religion became de-emphasized following book three.
  • In a subsequent episode in the TV series, "Static", Miller actually meets with a Mormon official at a recruiting station for the Nauvoo and the official has a much more contemporary outfit and is quite polite, if slightly earnest.


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