The Morrigan-class is a patrol destroyer employed by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy, designed to be a low-cost combination of a patrol torpedo boat and a light destroyer, designed to be mass-produced and deployed on security assignments. Several would be modified with stealth capabilities.

History Edit


The battle damaged Kittur Chennamma being boarded by the Rocinante.

The Morrigan-class was introduced in the MCRN during a fleet-wide modernization program that also included the Donnager-class battleship and Corvette-class frigate

The Damascus, Iceni, Avalanche, and Hamill-Stewart were all used in Operation Silent Wall, in which Captain Theresa Yao and the Donnager used the ships during their anti-pirate campaign in the belt.

In "Rock Bottom", the Scipio Africanus would board a belter prospector ship, Xinglong and later be attacked by it. By the time, Fred Johnson would be accusing the United Nations of constructing the stealth ships, the Morrigan would be stationed at Titan.

After Eros impacted Venus, the Shandian, a modified vessel equipped with stealth capabilities would shadow the UNS Arboghast until it disappeared.

Another Morrigan-class, Kittur Chennamma was found derelict and heavily damaged by the crew of the Rocinante, where they scavenged the ship for supplies after running low on PDC (Point Defense Cannon) rounds and torpedoes. There, the crew also discovered and rescued survivors inside of the ship.

Characteristics Edit


The 31 meters long Morrigan-class.

The Morrigan-class is 31 meters in length, small enough to fit into the internal hangar bays of a Donnager-class, which makes it ideal for complementing a small flotilla.

It is very compact in that 2 Morrigan-class ships could fit into the hangar space which 1 Corvette-class frigate occupies. In order to fit 2 Morrigans, however, one ship on each platform was required to be docked inverted via ceiling clamps.

The ship lacks a ventral PDC which creates a blind spot in its defense grid. This forces the Morrigan-class to rely on its maneuverability or other ships to cover this side.

Role Edit

Patrol Torpedo Boat, Customs Inspection Craft, Fast Attack Vessel.

Armament Edit

The ship's standard armament is slightly larger than many other torpedo boats, making it a powerful ship for its size. It features:

  • 2 ✕ Nariman Dynamics 40mm PDCs
  • 2 ✕ Bow-mounted Torpedo Bays.

Utilities Edit

Cramped living quarters, Small sickbay, Limited cargo space, MCRN standard tightbeam Communications system, MCRN standard targeting suite, Radar-reflective Stealth panels & heat sinks (CERTAIN CRAFT ONLY).

Known Ships Edit

Designation Photo Appears Notes
MCRN Ambedkar S01E07ambedkar-34m01s Season 1 (TV) Attempted to board Rocinante.
MCRN Avalanche (TV lore)[1] Part of Operation Silent Wall
MCRN Cú Chulainn Morriganclassdestroyer2 Season 2 (TV) Kept hidden in the shadow of a moon of Jupiter.
MCRN Damascus (TV lore)[2] Part of Operation Silent Wall
MCRN Hamill-Stewart (TV lore)[3]
MCRN Iceni (TV lore)[4]
MCRN Kittur Chennamma S03E05kcabandoned-3m38s Season 3 (TV) Heavily damaged and eventually abandoned during UN-MCR War
MCRN Morrigan (TV lore)[5] Namesake of the class.
MCRN Scipio Africanus S01E06scipioafricanusfliped90degrees-14m06s Season 1 (TV) Damaged by Belter rock flinging attack.
MCRN Shandian MCRN Destroyer Season 2 (TV) Modified with stealth panels.


  • Kittur Chennamma docked with Rocinante
  • Scipio Africanus
  • Cú Chulainn
  • vented corridor
  • corridor
  • PDC housing in double hull
  • Two Morrigans fitting in a single dock
  • Concept Art
  • Scale to other small vessels


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