Were you looking for the Belter Creole word, mowteng?
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The Mowteng is a ship in the Drummer pirate fleet.

History[edit | edit source]

Drummer acquired the ship when she formed her own faction of the Outer Planets Alliance and took leave from Fred Johnson's OPA faction. She used the Mowteng along with her personal ship, the Dewalt, to enforce her status as a powerful pirate, extracting a 10% tribute from other pirates in her territory.[1]

During the Free Navy engagement of the Rocinante, the Mowteng was ordered to stand down and not engage the Rocinante by Drummer on the Tynan.[2]

After Drummer switched sides during the engagement and betrayed the Free Navy, Oksana and Bertold took the Mowteng and left her faction.[3]

Media[edit | edit source]


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