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The Munroe-class light destroyer is a destroyer class in use by the United Nations Navy (UNN).


The Munroe-class is an example of a mass-produced UNN warship capable of taking numerous blows that would completely destroy a lesser ship, but at the same time, dish out some serious damage. Its particular set of armament means the class is at its best when operating in groups. A standard detachment of destroyers often consists of six ships roaming solar systems in perfect unison—an intimidating and terrifying sight that is often expertly used to the UNN’s advantage. The ship’s silhouette is designed to make them smaller targets for incoming torpedoes, their point defense network can effectively destroy whatever gets close, and their thick hulls work to prevent anything that does hit from causing extensive damage.

Bigger is Better[]

The Munroe-class light destroyer makes up the larger portion of UNN fleets. These ships are armed with six torpedo tubes that give them full coverage for enemies and a single keel-mounted railgun in its forward arc. What makes the Munroe-class the most dangerous, however, is its advanced targeting systems that allow its torpedoes and railgun to be exceptionally accurate. These ships have a single goal highlighted in their title: to destroy. They don’t hold dropships or foot soldiers, instead focusing on knocking enemies out with brute force. While not fast, these warships are designed to withstand punishment and hard hits with thick hulls. This makes evading oncoming hits impractical. Instead, they have a thick hull and numerous Point Defense Cannons (PDCs) that maximize defense against incoming torpedoes. The Munroe-class excels at playing the long game in combat, hitting hard while staying alive for as long as it can, so it’s made to maximize survival—and devastation.


During the UN-MCR War, then UN Under Secretary of Executive Administration, Sadavir Errinwright sent six Munroe-class destroyers to destroy the Rocinante. When notified that Chrisjen Avasarala, a high level United Nations diplomat, also his mentor, had boarded the Rocinante, the destroyers were ordered to continue towards the ship and destroy it. Two MCRN (Martian Congressional Republic Navy) Raptor-class Fast attack cruisers, as well as four destroyers were following the UNN ships and, when contacted by Avasarala whom made a request to be defended, engaged the Munroe-class destroyers. This caught the Munroe-class destroyers by surprise and three were destroyed in the engagement with the remaining three heavily damaged and one surrendering. They managed to destroy two MCRN destroyers and heavily damage a cruiser.[4][5][6]


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