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Elder Murray was a Mormon[1] missionary on Ceres


Season 1Edit



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Throughout the seriesEdit

Approached Havelock and Miller about comedy club. Miller brushed him off in a belligerent way. Havelock used a different approach. Gave him captain Shaddid's name.




* The character identifies himself as Mormon but wears a badge indicating that he represents "the Church of Humanity Ascendant", a different organization in the novel Caliban's War


* The show likes to name minor characters implicitly by using name badges labelled after high-profile individuals involved with the show or the novels. This character has a common last name, Murray, which happens to also be the last name of at least three people involved in production.
    • the actor for the Gero character from the Anderson Station sequence, Duane Murray.
    • the actor for the Star Helix Detective Cobb character on Ceres, Michael Murray.
    • the props master for the show, Jim R. Murray.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Despite having an apparent deliberate resemblance to Mormon missionary uniform attire and stating that he's Mormon, he wears a badge that contradicts that.

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