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The UNN Nathan Hale was a Leonidas-class battleship of the United Nations Navy.


In "Critical Mass" the Nathan Hale is dispatched to Tycho Station claiming engine trouble with orders to arrest Fred Johnson and attempt to uncover any evidence of the stealth ships responsible for the destruction of the Donnager.

In "Safe" the Nathan Hale is diverted to reach Phoebe ahead of the MCRN Scirocco, prompting the Scirocco to destroy the research station with a volley of nuclear torpedoes to prevent Phoebe from falling into the hands of the UN.






  • Nathan Hale was a spy for the Rebel Colonial faction led by George Washington during the American Revolution. He was later caught and executed by the British. He supposedly said he "regrettably only had one life to give for his country".
  • The Nathan Hale and the ships of her class that appear throughout the series bear markings of both the United Nations Marine Corps (UNMC) and the United Nations Navy (UNN).