Neville Bosch is a Belter from Ceres who offered his ship for hire to the associates of OPA.



A couple years before the incident with the Canterbury, his client list included Julie Mao.

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In "Back to the Butcher", Detective Miller discovers Neville's acquaintance with Julie after watching footage of her apparently overcoming his advances and subduing him on the dockyards.

When Miller boards his ship unannounced, Neville violently defends but is restrained. During his interrogation, Miller learns from Neville that she could not merely defend herself but that she was willful and determined. He shares a tale of how she helped trapped Belters on Callisto and was left with permanent radiation poisoning and how emotional she felt about being accepted as one of them after participating in a rally. Neville gives Miller the much needed clues that crack the case wide open. He confirms her affiliation with Anderson Dawes and that the data broker she set up a fake date with was someone Neville had referred her to. The man whose ID had been spoofed as Bizi Betiko had a work lab at a shop called Tech Noir and used the code name "Sherpa". Neville was genuinely concerned for Julie.


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