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Namono "Nono" is Annushka Volovodov's wife.



She's from Uganda on Earth. Together they have a daughter who's also named Namono, but who is called "Nami".

She moved with Nami back to Earth from Europa at the start of Abaddon's Gate just before her wife, Anna, left for the Thomas Prince and the Ring. She encouraged her wife to go because they could need people there like her wife, "people who don't ask permission." She doesn't come along because she doesn't want her child to grow up in low gravity for such an extended time that her body could never adjust to living in full-g'. They will live in Anna's Moscow.[1]

Namono, Anna and their daughter are on Earth during the Free Navy's attack. Her community is devastated, and she goes from a middle-class, well-off citizen, to someone who now must rely on Basic, government assistance level living standards. During this time, Namono cares for Anna who has been hurt with a crushed and bruised leg.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Her name means "youngest twin" in her native Uganda. The fact that her daughter has that same name supports the idea that, aside from sharing one of her mothers' names, the child, Nami, lost a sibling at birth. That the child's namesake was the mother is asserted and affirmed in the novel Abaddon's Gate.


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