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Onudo is a CPM security officer on Eros.

Personality Edit

He is known to be easily distracted and not focused on his security responsibilities.

Throughout the series Edit

He appears in "Leviathan Wakes" where his is killed by Miller and Holden after he wanders into the game parlor where the two were hiding from the Protogen and CPM Mercs.

Miller finds the uninfected body of "CPM Goon" Onudo in the game parlor when the former detective returns in "Home" where he goes to seek the brain center of the protomolecule that propels the asteroid toward Earth.

Inconsistencies Edit

The show production team left mistakes that make identifying the character problematic.

In the episode where he first appeared, "Leviathan Wakes", he is credited as "CPM #15" while he is credited as "Onudo" (spelled with two "O"s) in the following appearance, "Home".

In the subtitles for Leviathan Wakes, when the character speaks, his speech is labeled as "CPM Goon" or "CPM Goon 1"

In the subtitles for Leviathan Wakes, when his peers refer to him, his name appears as "Anudo", spelled with an "A".




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