Panshin is a vessel in Michio Pa's fleet of the Free Navy.[1]


The ship is a Martian Congressional Republic Navy Corvette-class light frigate, stolen by Marco Inaros and his group.


The ship is commanded by Ezio Rodriguez and assigned to the Michio Pa fleet.Under the Free Navy the Panshin was used to capture colony ships heading towards the Sol gate. It is one of the Four Horseman, along with the Connaught, Solano, and Serrio Mal, the most experienced of Pa's fleet.

When Michio Pa defected from the Free Navy the crew of the Panshin joined her new pirate faction.

When this faction joined in the Consolidated Fleet Offensive the Panshin participated in the Battle of Pallas Station where it's hull was heavily damaged. Despite this the ship remained operational, but remained at Pallas as a guard ship as it was deemed to be too damaged for further combat operations.[2].


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