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This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Paolo Cortázar (Books).

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Paolo Cortázar is a Protogen scientist and the only survivor from Thoth Station after it was raided by OPA volunteers and Miller.

Appearances Edit

Season 2

Biography Edit

Background Edit

He was later transferred to Tycho Station under guard where it was learned he had his empathy surgically overridden, bypassed and disabled.

History Edit

In "Doors & Corners", Cortázar is caught on Thoth and taken into protective custody.
"Static", Cortázar is questioned and after he is decidedly uncooperative, he is determined by the Tycho Station Doctor to be surgically altered using the transcranial magnetic hyperstimulation for empathy inhibition.
In "Home", Cortázar is questioned by Fred Johnson when Eros starts moving and Cortázar is asked if Eros could be stopped.
In "Paradigm Shift", Cortázar is shown to be still receiving data from protomolecule even after the destruction of Eros.
In "The Seventh Man", Amos relates to Cortázar the feelings that were triggered when he encountered a young refugee boy defending his mother and he mentions his relationship with Lydia in Baltimore. Cortázar offers to perform the empathy inhibiting procedure for Amos. Cortázar is extracted from Tycho. He is taken from custody at Tycho Station in an operation organized by Anderson Dawes that employed Diogo as a decoy.



Trivia Edit

  • According to the books, he is a former member of the Protogen nanoinformatics research division.[1]


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