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The Pella is the flagship of the Free Navy and personal ship of Marco Inaros. The ship is a light cruiser of Martian design and was formerly in the possession of the MCRN. The Pella is vital in the operation and command of the Free Navy during the Free Navy Conflict.

History[edit | edit source]

The Pella is the commanding vessel of the Free Navy and of Marco Inaros, operating covertly in the Belt. Apart from Inaros, other individuals close to him in his inner circle such as Filip Inaros, Cyn and Karal also live and serve aboard the vessel.

Originally an MCRN light cruiser, Pella—alongside 2 heavy frigates and 2 frigates including Koto and Serrio Mal[2]—were traded to Inaros by rogue MCRN elements aboard the MCRN Barkeith. These five former Martian warships would form the Free Navy Command Fleet, which immediately began a burn towards the outer limits of the solar system.

The Pella alongside the Chetzemoka.

The Pella alongside the Chetzemoka.

Throughout the course of the Free Navy Conflict, the Pella would see the Command Fleet grow from five ships to eighteen. Among these ships was the Chetzemoka—a vessel captained by Naomi Nagata, Inaros' former lover. The ship had been gifted by Nagata to their son, Filip, on Pallas Station. However, Filip later kidnapped his mother, bringing her aboard the Pella. Inaros would later criticize Filip for this decision, however Filip would initially stand by his decision.

The Pella, alongside a former MCRN Heavy Frigate, moving to rendezvous with Drummer's Faction.

The Pella, alongside a former MCRN Heavy Frigate, moving to rendezvous with Drummer Faction Ships.

Pella would also rendezvous with Drummer's faction with a proposition to join the Free Navy; this was a proposition that Drummer simply could not refuse, for the sake of her family's safety. Much like other Belter factions including Black Sky and Golden Bough, Drummer would agree to a trade of crewmen; Serge Kylo would serve aboard Pella, while Karal would serve aboard Tynan.

Pella would further lead and direct efforts to strike at the UN and the MCR. Mechanics and technicians from Pella would rig a proximity detonator to the Chetzemoka in an attempt to destroy the Rocinante, which was racing to answer a bogus SOS call from Nagata. Pella would also closely monitor a precision micro-meteor field at this time, which appeared to be heading towards the Sol Ring.

Additionally, Inaros would often receive personal updates notifying him of recent combat developments between UN/MCR forces and the Free Navy. Following the Engagement near Patroclus, Inaros would extend his gratitude to the Golden Bough forces who engaged in battle.

The Pella at the Sol Gate, following the destruction of the defending EMC Fleet.

The Pella at the Sol Gate, following the destruction of the defending EMC Fleet.

When the Free Navy's burn towards the outer planets concluded, the ships were revealed to have been burning towards the Sol Ring. As Earth-Mars Coalition (EMC) ships prepared to engage Inaros' ships, the micro-meteor field Inaros had been monitoring earlier slammed into the three defending battleships, dealing heavy damage. The Battle for the Sol Gate commenced, with the Pella leading the attack of the Free Navy. The ship fired several full volleys of torpedoes at defending EMC ships, and intercepted inbound torpedoes with its advanced Martian PDC systems. Ultimately, after the three defending battleships were destroyed, the Pella and the Free Navy moved to dock with Medina Station.

Inaros later received a personal congratulations aboard Pella from former-MCRN Admiral Sauveterre, who extended his congratulations on the victory on the behalf of Admiral Duarte.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pella is a city in central Macedonia, Greece. Ancient Pella was the birthplace of Alexander the Great, and served as the capital of his empire after the Alexandrine conquests of the Middle East.


  2. It is unknown if the names of these vessels were their original names as designated under the MCRN.
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