The Phantom-class is an escort ship class in use by the United Nations Navy. The class was an older model, and largely relegated to rear-echelon assignments by the time of the Eros incident.


Several Phantom-class ships flew escort for Marine boarding craft during an operation against supposed terrorists at Anderson station. When a comms relay was discovered just outside of the UNNs jamming range around Anderson station a Phantom-class destroyed it[1]

A Phantom-class ship the UNN Ravi was escorting the research vessel Charles Lyell back from a non-belt asteroid mapping when it diverted towards Eros to investigate. Upon nearing Eros with its escort, the Ravi found what appeared to be a civilian freighter that happened to be blocking access to Eros. The apparent freighter was actually the Rocinante and was target-locking the Charles Lyell to persuade the UN ships to stay away whilst the Outer Planets Alliance performed an operation to destroy Eros. The Ravi sent only static on the comms to Rocinante until Eros suddenly moved under its own power then turned stealth to sensors. When James Holden of the Rocinante contacted Ravi to ask for support in maintaining a visual on the asteroid, Captain McBride decided to accept believing his superiors would wish for him to keep watch on the situation. The Ravi then went on a pursuit course after Eros.[2]


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