Phobos, also "Mars I", is the biggest of the two small moons of Mars.

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While Deimos, the other martian moon, was destroyed in Book #1 Leviathan Wakes[1] and people call its debris field the "Deimos Ring" in Book #5 Nemesis Games[2], in Book #3 Abaddon's Gate it says, that "Phobos with its listening station had become a thin, nearly invisible ring around Mars"[3].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Phobos is the Greek god or personified spirit of fear.
  • It orbits Mars so fast, that, it would appear to an observer on Mars to rise in the west and set in the East twice each Martian day.
  • It has the closest orbit of a moon to its planet in the entire Sol System. (Around 6,000 km or 3,700 miles, however, this does get smaller by every orbit)
  • Phobos is getting closer to Mars every time it orbits. Eventually, it will be crushed by Mars's tidal forces in several tens of millions of years. It will likely break up in orbit, possibly creating a ring, that will also likely fall onto Mars itself.

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