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The Pizzouza is a Belter-owned freighter.


The ship operates out of Pallas Station.


United Nations intelligence analysis conducted after the attack on the colony transport Sojourner by Marco Inaros, showed a high probability that he was travelling aboard the Pizzouza and was briefed by Officer Adams to Secretary-general Chrisjen Avasarala and her council.

Two plans were developed, to either kill or capture Marco Inaros. The first plan was to destroy the Pizzouza with a missile strike from the UNN Raskolnikov. Chrisjen Avasarala chose to go with the second plan instead, in which the Raskolnikov would take out Pizzouza's fusion drive with a railgun round, followed by three UNMC breaching pods containing Marines that would board and capture Inaros.

The mission went according to plan until the Marines on board the Pizzouza reached the bridge where upon several crew members pulled weapons on them. Several of the armed crew members were shot dead when unexpectedly the Pizzouza blew up, killing all on board. The ship was deliberately destroyed under Inaros' orders to kill Inners without regard for civilian casualties.[1]


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