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The Series 6 Sunflare is a racing pinnace manufactured by Proserpina Starworks.[1]


For decades, the Sunflare series has been the pride of the Proserpina Starworks Racing Division, with the second and third series Sunflares in particular securing a number historic victories in the hands of multiple racing teams. The company encountered difficulties with the fourth and fifth series models of the Sunflare, and it become known and an uncompetitive racer.

Julie Mao Books • TV and the Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile Transplanetary Race Team saw potential in the Series 6 Sunflare, choosing it over many alternatives/ Their ship, the Razorback, quickly went on to secure a dramatic victory on the Deimos Circuit, demonstrating that the new model Sunflare was indeed a competitive racing pinnace.


Series 6 Sunflare with human for scale

At a length of exactly 20 meters, the Series 6 Sunflare spaceframe is extremely sleek and compact, presenting a trio of long panels used to extend the ship’s aft reaction control clusters as far from the center of mass as possible, thereby allowing for incredibly rapid turns and course corrections. The ship is propelled by a supercharged Destrier-4 high-velocity Epstein Drive. Extensive measures have been taken to reduce the weight of the ship’s hull and internal components to improve the overall thrust-to-mass ratio, allowing the ship to quickly reach extreme levels of acceleration limited only by the endurance of the human pilot.

In order to best deal with these pilot stresses, the ship’s flight seats are fixed into large gimbals, and equipped with numerous medical systems to monitor and mitigate the effects of acceleration stress.

The pinnace can be operated by a single pilot when necessary, but generally carries an additional co-pilot to serve as the ship’s navigator and emergency technician.