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Proserpina Starworks is a company that manufactures spaceships.


For decades, the Sunflare series has been the pride of the Proserpina Starworks Racing Division, with the second and third series Sunflares in particular securing a number historic victories in the hands of multiple racing teams. The company encountered difficulties with the fourth and fifth series models of the now famous Sunflare, with the ship slowly becoming known as more of a collector’s item than a competitive racer.[1]

It was Julie Mao Books • TV who saw potential in the new Series 6 Sunflare, choosing it over many alternatives as the subject of her extensive modifications. Though this choice was questioned by many, the ship quickly went on to secure a dramatic victory on the Deimos Circuit, demonstrating with no shortage of flair, that the Series 6 was indeed a competitive racing pinnace.

Known Models[]

Series 6 Proserpina Sunflare

  • Series 2 Sunflare
  • Series 3 Sunflare
  • Series 4 Sunflare
  • Series 5 Sunflare
  • Series 6 Sunflare


  • Proserpina was the daughter of Ceres in Roman Mythology, and later taken into the Underworld.