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We’re here to help you. Admiral Duarte specifically told me to assure you that we have the utmost faith in your ability to address any instability that might come from the Sol system. We just want to assist and support our allies in Medina as best we can.
Captain Montemayor, Proteus
in reference to constructing and arming the security base on Medina Station

The Proteus was the first vessel built at new shipyards of Laconia with unique mysterious alien protomolecule-inspired technology.

History Edit

The vessel was sent by Admiral Winston Duarte to Medina Station as a show of strength and support, honoring his government's alliance with the Free Navy.

At the time of Laconian return from isolation through the ring gates, the Proteus-class had been recently retired and replaced by the Magnetar-class.

Trivia Edit

  • Proteus refers to a Greek mythological god of the sea, πρῶτος. The origins of the alien protomolecule name likely shared origins with the idea of the sea god. The name also appears for characters in literary fiction, graphic novels and motion pictures. The broad ubiquity of the name even extends beyond vehicles and vessels all the way to software.