The Proteus-class battle cruiser was the first ship-class built at the shipyards of Laconia. The first ship of this class, Proteus, was sent by Admiral Winston Duarte to Medina Station to install railgun turrets on the surface of Ring Station, thereby honoring his alliance with the Free Navy.

Despite having been seen by members of the Free Navy based at Medina Station during the Free Navy Conflict, the Sol powers and the Transport Union were completely unaware of the Laconian Empire having the capability to produce ships.

Trivia Edit

  • Proteus refers to a Greek mythological god of the sea, πρῶτος. The origins of the alien protomolecule name likely shared origins with the idea of the sea god. The name also appears for characters in literary fiction, graphic novels and motion pictures. The broad ubiquity of the name even extends beyond vehicles and vessels all the way to software.