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The Raptor-class fast attack cruiser is a class of cruiser in service with the Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN).

Like all MCRN ships, the Raptor-class carries the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology and systems available. Although they are created in fewer quantities than their United Nations Navy (UNN) counterparts, the Raptor-class assault cruisers can take on staggering odds with high efficiency.


The Raptor-class is a new, top-of-the-line MCRN class of cruiser and is designed to accelerate rapidly, & intercept targets. Raptor-class cruisers saw extensive service during the UN-MCR war, and presumably the Free Navy Conflict.

Top-of-the-line hardware[]

The title fast-attack cruiser portrays an accurate and succinct image of the Raptor-class vessel as top-of-the-line Martian military hardware. The MCRN spared no expense in creating a ship with the best scanning capabilities and weapons in the fleet. The Raptor-class has bow-and stern-firing, keel-mounted railguns and six plasma torpedo bays on the bow of the ship, as well as two on each side and two in the stern hidden above the Epstein drives, making this a dangerous monster of a ship. As a cruiser, the Raptor-class also carries up to three Troika-class dropships, each outfitted with a mix of Martian Marines and Force Recon units with Goliath powered armor. Between the advanced Epstein drives and its sleek, pin-like shape, the Raptor-class is highly maneuverable and cuts through space with purpose. This makes the fast-attack cruiser more evasive, also allowing it to strategically position itself to inflict catastrophic amounts of damage. The downside to the amazing hardware that the MCRN invested in these ships is that they require constant care, which means having substantially more crew than similarly-sized vessels.


Two ships of this class led four MCRN destroyers during the Engagement in the Jovian system against six United Nations Navy (UNN) Munroe-class destroyers.

One of the cruisers was able to catch the UNN ships and launch torpedoes, initiating the battle. The engagement resulted in a MCRN victory. Three of the UNN destroyers were destroyed and three were heavily damaged. The Martians lost two destroyers and one of the cruisers was badly damaged. The remaining MCRN ships joined the Rocinante on a course for the Jovian moon of Io, and likely participated in the Io campaign.[3]

They also are presumed to have served under the MCRN during the Free Navy Conflict.

Known Ships[]


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