Rhea, also Saturn V is the fifth major moon of the planet Saturn. It is its second-largest moon and consists mosty of ice and rock.

The moon is colonized and holds Helium-3 refineries.[1]

History Edit

Michio Pa was managing a supply warehouse complex on Rhea for a half-criminal labor union based out of Titan when she met her later partners Nadia and Bertold.[2]

Free Navy Conflict Edit

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During the Free Navy Conflict, Rhea is one of the few stations who’ve condemned the Free Navy.[3]

Later, when Pa turns against Marco Inaros, her first action in doing so is ordering the Hornblower to deliver their cargo to Rhea, although Rhea was not on the Free Navy's side.[4]

Underground Laconia Conflict Edit

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After the destruction of the Gathering Storm through the Heart of the Tempest near Jupiter, there have been spontaneous demonstrations on Rhea calling for Laconian withdrawal.[5]

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