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Private Richard Travis was a member of the Martian Marine Corps. He is a member of Bobbie Draper's squad. He was killed on Ganymede.

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Born on Earth his family moved to Mars when he was 5 years old. Travis joined the MMC and was determined to prove himself despite other Marines questioning his loyalty having been born on earth.

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He is first seen in "Safe", where Colonel Sa'id is directing him and Private Hillman to cover opposite flanks in order for Gunny Draper to penetrate the battle training zone while Sa'id paints targets.

In "Static", Private Richard Travis must endure the abuse of his entire squad as they direct their stress at the Earth-born Martian Marine on their team. After his demise in "Paradigm Shift", he appears in a few episode credits for recorded footage playback.

First, his image appears in "The Weeping Somnambulist" as a military record image and as the scapegoat who fires the first shot on Ganymede. In "Here There Be Dragons", he appears in video retrieved from the overhead drone for sales footage of Caliban Project as shared by Captain Martens under duress to Draper

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  • This character exists in the book series, he is not given a first name there but he is a Corporal reporting to Gunnery Sergeant Draper and he is the highest ranking direct report of Draper. His fate is left unspecified there. He discusses sports with a squad mate, Gourab.
  • In a moment reminiscent of the books, Private Travis and Bobbie Draper communicate after the radio is jammed on Ganymede by pressing their helmets together and allowing sound vibration to be inducted and to reverberate across. In the books, Gunny Draper uses this particular technique to communicate with her commander Lieutenant Givens.

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