The Ring station railguns were a battery of six railguns built by the Laconian Empire and supplied to the Free Navy garrison at Medina Station. They would eventually be operated by the Transport Union.


When the Free Navy was in control of Medina Station during the Free Navy Conflict, the Laconian Empire supplied them with several railguns for defending the Slow Zone from the Sol system powers. Unknown to the Free Navy, Laconia knew that they would not win the war, but intended to extend the conflict for as long as possible. The Laconian ship Proteus was sent to the station to assist in the installation of the railguns. This included keeping a small Laconian garrison directly on the Ring station. Initial attempts were made to weld the railguns directly onto the Ring Station, but this proved impossible as the surface would not melt. The solution was to tether 3 beams around the entire sphere; the railguns were mounted at the six points where two beams would intersect.


The base of each railgun was ten meters across, built in a rough hexagon, and massing more than a small ship. The railguns were mounted on three wide belts of ceramic, carbon-silicate lace and steel. Two of these belts ran parallel whilst the third ran across them at a ninety degree angle.

The railguns unlike previous one were not made of titanium and ceramic, but of new materials received through the Laconia gate. Their carbon-silicate lace plating was iridescence, whilst both the power cores and friction-less ammunition feeds were described as being "strange".[1]


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