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Robert Lieberman is a director, producer, and writer.


A graduate of the University at Buffalo with a B.A. in Film, Robert Lieberman began directing in television in the early 1980s and feature films in 1982.


Director: Robert Lieberman • Season 1
Season 1 — Episode"Back to the Butcher"Director
Season 1 — Episode"Rock Bottom"Director
Director: Robert Lieberman • Season 2
Season 2 — Episode"Here There Be Dragons"Director
Season 2 — Episode"The Monster and the Rocket"Director



  • Duirng an interview regarding directing episodes for The Expanse, Rob Lieberman stated, "I first started on The Expanse midway through the first season, and after having read the books I actually envisioned a much different looking show than the one they were making.  So, I went to the executive producers and explained my vision which was closer to Alien and Blade Runner than Star Trek.  I saw the future as being much grungier and dirty, not so new and shiny.  To my surprise, they agreed and embraced my vision, encouraging and supporting me to realize it.  Working with the production designer my episodes became much darker, grittier, filled with exposed wiring and ducting.  The show ended up adopting many of my recommendations so I feel very satisfied that I could make that level of contribution."[1]
  • He was nominated for the Directors Guild of Canada award for “Best Director in a Dramatic Series for his work in Season 2 of The Expanse series.[2]

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