Rosenfeld Guoliang is governor of Pallas Station and member of Marco Inaros's inner circle. As an advisor to Inaros, he oversees industrial supplies and manufacturing as well as help coordinate military operations for the Free Navy. His cousin, Captain Christina Huang Samuels, is the commander of Medina Station.

Appearance Edit

Rosenfeld is described as having dark and "weirdly pebbled" skin – which gives his skin a bumpy look – and having deeply sunken eyes. He has several OPA and Voltaire Collective tattoos. Despite perpetually slouching, even when in zero-g, he gives off an air of barely constrained violence[1].

History Edit

Guoliang rose to power amongst the Voltaire Collective[1], a cell of the OPA, eventually becoming its leader. This branch of the OPA was well known for its militancy against the Inner Planets, setting Guoliang at odds with more diplomatically inclined branches, such as the OPA of Tycho Station under Fred Johnson. Due to the nature of the group and the fact that Guoliang controlled the second largest group of OPA fighters after Tycho, Guoliang was a primary recruit of Marco Inaros for the Free Navy[2].

As a member of the Free Navy, he provided a more level-headed leadership than Inaros, often pushing him to action when necessary[3]. Nevertheless, he was a staunch supporter of Inaros's leadership, often reducing tensions and easing doubts amongst the others of Inaros's inner circle[2].

Following the meeting of the inner circle on Ceres Station, he returned to Pallas aboard the Pella[4]. He remained there and oversaw the station's defenses during the Battle of Pallas Station. Once the station was subdued and blockaded, he was confined there through the end of the Free Navy Conflict[5]. At the closure of the war, he, along with other Free Navy members of Pallas Station, were taken prison and transferred to Luna for trial[6].


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