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Royal Charter Energy (RCE) is an Earth corporation with corporate offices on Luna and a workgroup on Ganymede. Their company logo is red and blue.


After the rings were activated, RCE was given a United Nations charter for scientific exploration on New Terra (RCE charter 24771912-F23). They launched the ship Edward Israel from Luna to the planet, on the first real expedition into the new systems the rings opened up. The ship carried a thousand people, including crew and scientists.[1]

RCE considered the expedition of utmost importance, and gave a hefty benefit package to all crew, including a daily hazard bonus.

The original plan was for the scientific teams to study the planet for years before anyone lived on them, but before the Israel could arrive on New Terra, the Barbapiccola and her crew of refugees from the Ganymede incident had raced to the planet, established a colony and begun mining the local lithium resources.

When the Israel arrived, RCE built an encampment south of the colonists' village First Landing.

RCE has colonized other worlds beyond the rings, including Longdune and New Egypt.[2]


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