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Saturn is the sixth planet from Sol and the second largest planet in the Sol system, after Jupiter.

Saturn is the Sol system's only known gas giant planet to have a prominent ring system. Its rings consist mainly of ice, which is harvested to be used as a water supply for colonies in the Belt by companies such as the Pur'n'Kleen Water Company.

Major Satellites

Saturn has at least 150 natural satellites. Many are settled, and the moons have a total population of approximately 20 million people.

  • Titan, known for its amazing dome resorts, is the largest; it comprises more than 90% of the mass in orbit around Saturn (including the rings).
  • Rhea, second largest moon and similar to Ceres in that it features hydrostatic equilibrium.
  • Iapetus, third largest and known for several unusual features, such as a massive equatorial ridge running three-quarters of the way around the moon.
  • Dione, fourth largest and an icy moon with, probably, a rocky core.
  • Tethys, fifth largest, low density moon, and possibly mostly comprised of water-ice.
  • Enceladus, sixth largest and an icy moon known for its geysers and cracks caused by Saturn's tidal pull.
  • Mimas, a rocky, spherical moon and seventh largest; know to be the smallest spherical object in the system.
  • Hyperion, an irregular moon with sponge-like crater formations and a chaotic rotation.
  • Phoebe, a mysterious irregular moon that was mostly off limits due to a secretive research station.



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