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Captain Sauveterre was the commanding officer of the MCRN Donnager-class Battleship, Barkeith.


The Independent Initiative[]

Barkeith, under the command of Sauveterre, was part of a dissident fleet of MCRN vessels under the direction of Admiral Duarte. They were bound for Laconia Station, a destination in one of the ring systems, for unknown reasons. This was part of an "independent initiative of the fleet" Admiral Duarte recruited him for personally, which was described to him as "the beginning of something very new and very powerful, and if good people don't step in to accept the power, bad ones will."

While it's unclear whether he still viewed himself as part of the MCRN, or even acted specifically in the interests of Mars, he and his crew were operating under the understanding that they'll be viewed as traitors by the existing government of Mars. Nevertheless, he maintained the standard discipline and respect for chain of command expected on any military vessel.

The Ring[]

After receiving permission from Medina Station to pass through the Sol Ring from Earth's System into The Hub, the Barkeith and its fellow ships proceeded through the Laconia Ring that would lead them to Laconia Station. Almost immediately, Sauveterre realized something was wrong.

The typically imperceptible transition from one side of a Ring to another was replaced with a prolonged experience of radical changes in perception, reminiscent of Holden's experience on the Ring Station in Abaddon's Gate. As Sauveterre tried to issue orders to his crew and abort their crossing in some way, he perceived some other being present among them. He was only able to fathom its existence enough to realize it was rushing toward him before he was killed by it. The status of the Barkeith crew and the rest of the dissident MCRN fleet is unknown.

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