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The doctrine of grand strategy is the way in which we face changes without losing sight of our purpose, how we adapt to the new reality and remain faithful to our overarching goals.
— Admiral Sauveterre

Admiral Emil Sauveterre was a senior admiral in the Martian Congressional Republic Navy who conducted lectures at the Asteria Naval Base. During the Battle for the Sol Gate, he commanded the MCRN Barkeith as a part of a rogue MCRN fleet, aiding the Free Navy in seizing the Sol Ring. He was later killed on the Barkeith transiting the Laconia system gate by an unknown anomaly.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Throughout the series[edit | edit source]

"Churn"[edit | edit source]

At the Asteria Naval Base, Sauveterre gives a lecture on the tactical importance of the Ring Gates; he stresses the importance of the Ring Space's tactical importance in the form of the rings, which act as choke points for any an enemy force. He also vocalizes his dream that Mars will expand far into the stars, ending his academic term with a speech on the matter.

Following his lecture, he is approached by Alex Kamal, who offers to tell of his account of the Ring Gates and to buy him a coffee; coldly, the admiral turns him down, scoffing at Kamal's stolen ship and his Earther captain. Sauveterre later orders Lieutenant Babbage to investigate Kamal's presence on Mars, to which she affirms that she is already on the task.

"Nemesis Games"[edit | edit source]

During the Battle for the Sol Gate, Sauveterre proves to be instrumental in orchestrating the Free Navy's victory over the defending Earth-Mars Coalition (EMC) ring gate fleet. In command of the MCRN Barkeith, Sauveterre leads a fleet of rogue MCRN ships on the defending EMC fleet's flank, overwhelming the UNN Tripoli and Montenegro with an unexpected volley of torpedoes.

Admiral Sauveterre converses with Lieutenant Babbage aboard Barkeith.

Following the battle, Barkeith and the rogue MCRN fleet transit the Sol Ring and approach the Laconia system ring; Admiral Sauveterre proffers his congratulations to Free Navy leader Marco Inaros on their success in the battle. He informs Inaros that their fleet has activated a minefield on their side of the Laconia Ring as to prohibit any further "unauthorized transits"; Inaros acknowledges, affirming that Sauveterre has his system and that he has his own. Sauveterre then views a recorded message from Paolo Cortázar on the surface of Laconia, who excitedly informs the admiral of his progress in studying the protomolecule structures on the world and the station in orbit. Emboldened by this discovery, Sauveterre speaks with Babbage on Laconia's political system of total unity in pursuit of a singular a goal, and the streamlined nature of such a society. Subsequently, he is made aware of a bracelet worn by Babbage, and orders her to hand over this as part of the aforementioned unity of the Laconian people.

Sauveterre is wiped from existence as Barkeith disintergrates transiting the Sol Ring.

Just as Babbage drops the bracelet into Sauveterre's expectant hand, Barkeith and its crew are seemingly disintegrated by an unknown force just as it transits between the Ring Space and the Laconia system; the ship vanishes without a trace and is lost with all hands.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season Five
1 "Exodus"Absent
2 "Churn"Appears
3 "Mother"Absent
4 "Gaugamela"Absent
5 "Down and Out"Absent
6 "Tribes"Absent
7 "Oyedeng"Absent
8 "Hard Vacuum"Absent
9 "Winnipesaukee"Absent
10 "Nemesis Games"Appears

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the novel, Nemesis Games, Sauveterre is the captain of the Donnager-class Barkeith in the epilogue to the series instead of an admiral.


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